D.O.T. (Spain) is a network of professionals engaged in the development of an inclusive Knowledge Society through action research initiatives focused on ICT and Social Innovation, the Digital Divide, Lifelong Learning, Collaborative and Socially-Responsible Businesses, and International Cooperation for Development. D.O.T. together with Esplai coordinates TRANS e-Scouts project.

Association Langas į ateitį (Lithuania) –  a national-wide NGO which mission is to participate in the development of Information Society, increase the accessibility of the Internet and e-services in Lithuania by providing computer literacy and Internet training to adults.

Esplai Foundation’s (Spain) mission is to promote social inclusion trough ICT, focusing on people affected by the digital gap, as well as those at risk or social exclusion. ESPLAI develops training methodologies for digital literacy helping ICT users to gain e-skills necessary for labour market.

Telecentar (Croatia) was founded in 2005 as a coordination centre of regional network of telecentres from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Now Telecentar activities are based on multimedia training and production projects.

Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (Latvia) – a leading ICT professional non-governmental association promoting the development of Information Society and e-skills in Latvia.