Final project conference in Vilnius

Project TRANS eScouts final conference was held on the 11th of September in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. During the conference very interesting presentations were given by guest speakers from European Commission, representatives from Lithuania's Governmental institutions which are responsible for youth employment and digital agenda, Lithuania's national digital coalition partners, representatives from public libraries and youth organisations, TRANS eScouts project partners: LIKTA, Esplai Foundation, D.O.T and TELECENTAR as well as project efacilitators.

TRANS eScouts project’s conference was designed to share the potential of intergenerational dialog and the benefits that this activity brings to the community. Conference participants were very intrigued by the results and the whole methodology of this project. They shared their enthusiasm and agreed that this is a very interesting idea which has a lot of potential to be successfully implemented in other countries such as Sweden and Slovakia for example.

During the group sessions seniors and youth from 4 different EU countries shared their experience of participation in the TRANS eScouts project. They confirmed the ideas, proposed during the plenary session, that intergenerational dialogue helps solve some key problems of today’s society - youth unemployment and seniors digital divide.