“Intergenerational dialogue for learning of digital skills, jobs and inclusion”
Final conference of Trans e-Scouts project
Date: September 11, 2015 (10:00 – 14:00)
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania, Comfort Hotel

Facilitation of the socio-digital inclusion of elderly and youth improving local community life by means of the intergenerational dialogue and support is crucially important. Building a learning circle in which youth supports senior people in ICT usage and, in return, senior mentors support youth in their efforts to better access the labour market and face challenges of adults’ life, helps to overcome challenges of the growing knowledge society.

At the conference the key stakeholders on the European and national level will present digital jobs situation in the current labour market, as well as discuss on strategies, methodologies and good practice for the fulfilment of the needs as well empowering all society to live in a modern digital world.

The conference is intended for EU labour market and education policy makers as well as implementing organizations, youth, seniors, NGOs, education networks and local communities.

-    Plenary session – overview of digital divide in EU and LT, challenges of youth unemployment, intergenerational dialogue in the knowledge society.
-    Group discussions:

  1. Group A - Intergenerational learning to develop youth’s competencies for future jobs & seniors’ digital competencies for their social participation: Trans eScouts project lessons
  2. Group B - Developing and using community based ICT learning resources for social inclusion and employability: Trans eScouts project lessons and more


Registration to the conference. The number of participants is limited; registration will be open untill August 31.