About the project

“TRANS eScouts – Empowering eFacilitators for intergenerational dialogue” was a project designed to transfer the successful former “e-Scouts – intergenerational learning circle for community” project to Croatia, Latvia and Lithuania and it is a part of EC Lifelong learning programme.

The idea of project was to facilitate the socio-digital inclusion of elderly and youth improving local community life by means of the intergenerational dialogue and mutual support. Project implementers intended to build a learning circle in which the youth would support senior people in ICT usage and, in return, seniors would mentor youth in their efforts to access the labour market and face challenges of adult life, completing in this way a circle of learning, exchange and conviviality.

In 2012 the methodology for intergenerational learning approach between the youth and senior people has been developed and implemented in Bulgaria, Germany, Italia, Poland and Spain.

The project activities and learning path was applied mainly in telecentres collaborating with eFacilitators, since they are key people to reach adults through informal learning. Through this project, they have learnt how to work with social, digital and labor inclusion, as well as social cohesion and participation between two distant generations at the same time, becoming Intergenerational Mediators and Facilitators.

To ensure the usefulness and practicality of the transfer, a prior context analysis held and actions were based on its results, a "transculturation process" was carried out by each of the receiving partners. The contextualization of the learning program design was an already relevant aspect in the eScouts project to ensure the success of the initiative, but to make it scalable to further realities, guidelines and recommendations were created in order to facilitate the process. The guidelines were created so the whole process can be transferred if necessary.

The whole Intergenerational Learning Circle was based on 5 modules:
  M1 - Intergenerational Facilitators Training
  M2 - Facilitators to Youngsters Training
  M3 - Youngsters to Seniors ICT Training
  M4 - Facilitators to Seniors Training
  M5 - Seniors to Youngsters Mentoring

Since the social context, the participants profile and the local needs were different in every country, the major added value and enriching factor of the transfer was that 3 new contextualized Intergenerational Learning Circles, as well as the spread of the ILBES methodology and the development of intergenerational skills, as a key complement of Social Inclusion Facilitator's profile.

The project has lasted for 24 months.

All open material that was used and created during the project is available in there languages Croatian, Lithuanian and Latvian.