2014 04 15

Trans e-Scouts project kick-off meeting was held in February and hosted by Latvian partner LIKTA. During two days meeting partners’ consortium paved the way to implement the Trans E-Scouts project. Discussions included:

  • project management issues,
  • beginning of context analysis in each country,
  • online platform creation for internal and external use,
  • e-facilitators selection, etc.

Thank you LIKTA for hospitality. :)

Next meeting is...

2014 04 15

Recently the transfer of successful innovation was started to implement in Croatia, Latvia and Lithuania. This project is being coordinated by Spanish partners and the good practice from former project “e-Scouts – intergenerational learning circle for community” is being adapted to new countries.

In 2012 the methodology for intergenerational learning approach between the youth and senior people has been developed and implemented in Bulgaria, Germany, Italia, Poland and Spain. The idea...